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1.1. The following definitions apply to these Terms of Service:
a) Terms of Service – these Terms of Service determining the terms and conditions of using the Services provided by the Service Operator.
b) Website Service – the website service available at www.arameanidentity.com.
c) Service – a service provided electronically by the Service Operator to the User based on the Terms of Service.
d) User – a natural person using Services provided by the Service Operator based on the Terms of Service.

2.1. In accordance with the Terms of Service, access to the Website Service is open to anyone who has access to the Internet.
2.2. A contract for the provision of Services is executed the moment the User makes any operations in the Website Service. Execution of certain contracts, specified by the Service Operator in these Terms of Service, requires filling in a relevant form.
2.3. The Website Service may be used if the User’s ICT system meets the following minimum technical parameters:
• uses website browsers with installed on-line browsing software;
• has an Internet connection with any supplier;
• has a 1.0 GHz processor or faster, 256 MB memory or more, a sound card, Windows operating system, Windows Media Player 11 or more recent and installed Adobe Reader software.
2.4. The User is obliged to comply with these Terms of Service.
2.5. In particular, the User is obliged to:
a) use the Website Service in a manner that does not hinder its proper operation, in particular by using specific software or hardware;
b) use Services offered by the Service Operator in compliance with relevant legal regulations in force as well as the provisions of these Terms of Service;
c) not to deliver or transmit content that is prohibited by relevant legal regulations in force, including content that violates personal rights or intellectual property, including the Service Operator’s or third-party copyright;
d) not to send and/or upload on the Website Service unsolicited commercial information (spam);
2.6. If it is reported that the User violates the provisions of paragraph 2.6.a) to 2.6.d) and of paragraph 4.2, the Service Operator has the right to take any measures aimed at compensating the damage suffered by him in association with such violation.
2.7. The User may resign from using the Website Service at any time.
2.8. The Service Operator may deprive the User of the right to use the Website Service as well as to limit his access to all or some of the Website Service resources or Services offered within the Website Service with immediate effect, if the User violates these Terms of Service or relevant legal regulations in force.

3.1. This Website Service enables the User to use Services, and in particular to: access the content (e.g. information) uploaded on the Website Service, take part in social campaigns presented on the Website Service, contribute payments to support the statutory activities of the Service Operator, place an order to receive any publications from the Service Operator by mail, and download banners of the www.arameanidentity.com website service.
3.2. Information that enables identification of a User who is a natural person (personal data), provided in consent forms for participation in social campaigns presented on the Website Service sites, will be available via the Website Service. Data are processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the “Privacy Policy of the www.arameanidentity.com.

4.1. Intellectual property rights to all content available in the Website Service, and in particular copyright to its components consisting of graphics, texts, texts and graphics, or navigation, selection and layout solutions of the content presented within the Website Service are subject to legal protection and are vested with the Service Operator or other operators, with whom the Service Operator has executed relevant agreements.
4.2. The User has the right to use all materials available within the Website Service within the approved scope of use only. However, the User is authorised to use banners of the www.arameanidentity.com website service in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in the Website Service. Other use of the materials is subject to an explicit content granted by an authorised person.

5.1. The Service Operator is not responsible for:
a) any damage caused by User’s violation - in association with their use of the Website Service - of third-party rights;
b) technical problems or technical limitations in hardware, final device, ICT system or telecommunications infrastructure used by the User that prevent proper use of the Website Service and the Services offered via the Website Service by the User;
c) any damage caused by putting into practice the content available in the Website Service;
d) any other damage caused by the User’s failure to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Service.

6.1. The User has the right to file a complaint concerning the operation of the Website Service to the “Contact Us” page of the www.arameanidentity.com.
6.2. A complaint should include: the User’s full name and address and a detailed description and reasons of the complaint.
6.3. All complaints shall be reviewed by the Service Operator within the maximum of 21 days of their effective delivery. The complaining User shall be promptly advised of the decision concerning his complaint.
6.4. Complaints resulting from the User’s failure to comply with these Terms of Service shall not be reviewed, of which the Service Operator shall promptly notify the User.


1.  Personal data provided by natural persons using the website www.arameanidentity.com (hereinafter: the "Website Service") are processed by the administrators of www.arameanidentity.com. The personal data by natural persons using the website may be shared by Aramean Identity – who will use the personal data in accordance with their statutory goals and in accordance to the applicable laws, unless the website user states otherwise in writing. The right of access and of correcting personal data is assured.

2. This Privacy Policy applies to natural persons who use the Website Service, and in particular to natural persons who make one or more than one visits within the Website Service.

3. Personal data of the Website Service users are processed by the Service Operator in order to:
3.1. tailor the Website Service to user needs,
3.2. pursue claims, if any,
3.3. verify the circumstances of unauthorised use of services provided
3.4. create pageview statistics of the subpages within this Website Service,
3.5. conduct social campaigns that users may join at their discretion.

4. Each User (definition explained and placed in Terms of Use) has the right to access his personal data, the right to correct and update his personal data and the right to request to stop the processing of and delete data by contacting the Data Administrator. In the case of deletion of data required to use specific Website Service resources and services offered within the Website Service, the Website Service user will no longer be able to use them.

5. If the Website Service user uploads on the Website Service any personal data of third persons (including their first and family name, phone number or email address), he is allowed to do so only on the condition that it is not in violation of relevant legal regulations in force and personal rights of those third persons.

6. The Service Operator reserves the right to disclose selected information concerning Website Service users to competent authorities or third persons who request such information according to an applicable legal basis and relevant legal regulations in force. Other than in the preceding sentence, information concerning a Website Service user shall not be disclosed to any third party without the user’s consent.

7. The Service Operator shall use all reasonable efforts to secure the data of a Website Service user and protect it against third party actions. The Service Operator shall apply all the necessary server, connections and Website Service security solutions in order to protect data, and in particular anti-virus and anti-hacking protections of the data storing server.

8. However, the measures taken by the Service Operator may prove insufficient if the Website Service user does not observe safety precautions.